About Dr Mark Williams

Mark Williams has nearly thirty years experience in the law of technology and arts having graduated B.A.(Hons), LL.B. in 1982 with postgraduate qualifications in intellectual property law from the University of Melbourne (1997) and a D.Phil. on seventeenth-century dramaturgy from the University of Oxford (1989). After articles of clerkship in 1983, he was admitted to practise in 1984 and began his own firm in 1991.

He is a practising lawyer to the arts, commercial and scientific community and the entertainment, information, research and development industries under his own name in a boutique practice in Melbourne – and has been at the forefront of convergence issues including Federal and High Court cases on copyright infringement and the protection of confidential information.  This includes work for software, telecommunications, film, television, computer games, music, stage and visual arts organisations.